Vera Secure Review

Vera Secure provides superior home protection. Other old-fashioned wall-mounted security panels cannot compete with it. With Vera Secure, you can view security cameras. You check door locks. You can know if your garage door is open. You can see kids arrive home safe and more. You can see them all from your phone or computer. Vera Secure is an easy-to-install home controller/alarm hub. It is like a security panel in a box. All you have to do is just add sensors, cameras and locks. You can choose from dozens of brands. Vera Secure does the rest. Vera Secure can connect with entryway/window sensors, movement identifiers and different gadgets. It uses wireless connection. Vera Secure sounds its high-decibel alarm. It sends you a text. It can sense trouble. Vera Secure is reliable. Regardless of the possibility that power and Internet go out, Vera Secure continues working.. It is the product of next gen security. We need such security products. It helps us in many ways.

Main Features

Vera Secure works with hundreds of devices from dozens of top brands. It includes sensors, cameras. It also includes door locks and other home security and automation devices. Vera speaks five different wireless protocols. They are   wifi, z wave, zig Bee, Bluetooth LE and Vera Link. It works with all major wireless protocols and device brands. It incorporates Nest, Schlage, Yale, Kwikset, Eon, First Alert and some more. You can add the devices you want. They are Motion Detectors, Cameras, Locks, Thermostats, Dimmers, and so forth. There is a built-in 100db (TK) Siren Alarm .It alerts neighbors and scares off intruders.  Battery and cellular backup systems keep your home protected.   It gives backup even when power and Internet go out. It requires no monthly fees.

Security & Peace

It schedules your lights to turn on before you enter your home. It receives text with your motion sensor & security camera. You can monitor Cameras, sensors and siren insure from anywhere on your mobile device. It works even in power or Internet goes out. You can always insure your pet is safe through it.  It enhances self-monitored Vera security with 24/7 monitoring service for your Smart Home.

It has true alarm service monitoring. It has button service as well. Emergency “panic buttons” on your Smartphone is there. It is easy to operate.  Automatic, insightful coordination with Vera Modes maintains a strategic distance from false alerts. You don’t need to change to your current setup. Continue self-monitoring your Vera system. You can purchase Central Monitoring for just one month when you’re on vacation.


Vera has the ability to adjust with several devices at the same time. It works most with the recent Z Wave compatible devices in the market. Vera would serve be able to home automation with WiFi highlights. You would make be able to Scripts to make customized automation responses. It is compatible with over 300 third party applications. It has both web and mobile interface. It can monitor your energy consumption. It can even provide you with monthly reports. There is no contract and monthly fees.

Vera secure does more than security.  It is full featured home automation controller.  It can adjust thermostat, control lights, garage door and more. It operates everything from one easy app on your Smartphone. It uses Geo Fencing to sense when you arrive home to turn on lights, air conditioning.


You look for easy and affordable way to control your home’s security. You want to work on climate control and lighting. Then Vera Secure can help. It works through the use of and Z-wave technology. People can access into this home security, climate and lighting control systems. For that you have to use any Apple or Android based Smartphone or tablet. In fact, this is most affordable way to control your home and office. You will be able to customize every aspect of it.

People have mixed review. They gave their opinion. They spoke about good sides and bad sides of the products. Some of them liked it and some of them no. The most common complaint is long set up times. It has also non recognition of third party products.  The user interface is old. It is not intuitive to use. There is poor technical support.


Vera secure is free from monthly fees. It has strong third party support. But it is be difficult to set up and operate. In order to get the most value out of Vera Secure, one has to need to be technical. One may spend hours setting up anything more that the most basic system. It is not the product for beginner or novice users. Vera Secure is a product worth having. But the company should look into the problems. They should fix the problems. No other thing can ever dare to compete with this product. People all over World can bank on it. It has the ability to give useful alerts. It helps people feel secured.


March 2018