After the tragedy of 9-11 when homeland security was first set into place authorities took security as much as another level. For tourists visiting the Statue of Liberty there were currently security cameras that appeared for them to see. These cameras of course were there for the security of all the visitors that traveled to see the Statue of Liberty. And, to secure versus any vandalism that might pertain to the Statue of Liberty itself. And a lot of these security cams were within the Statue Of Liberty and just outside the entrance.

However, after the 9-11 misfortune more measures were taken. Homeland security took the offensive and the “woman of liberty” was their assistant. Now, more security video cameras are on the Statue of Liberty nevertheless in places that the tourists can not see. Up high and out of sight. Some not even in the Statue Of Liberty at all. These security cams are not set to see the inside at all, however rather the location around the Statue of Liberty. High frequency and high resolution with long variety security electronic cameras face out away from American borders. These security cams belong to the homeland security program. Another method to prevent any sort of attack on the United States. This is only one location where these security cameras can be found on America’s borders.

These type of security cams won’t be found for sale in business. The variety and seeing range on these security video cameras go beyond any of the other security cams offered to customers.

There are those who keep up with these security cams and that they are working effectively. The high frequency allows the security cams to distribute images and display from long ranges and they do not conflict with other items that may use frequencies. In all truth the statue of liberty is an extremely great spot to put high variety and reception security cams.

And there’s a possibility that more security video cameras are in different locations of the border as a part of homeland security. Security video cameras are equipped even as smaller gadgets to have high variety and reception simply as the big ones.

The security cams are there and in other locations for the security of America. It simply lets you understand that we are safe. I personally have no problem with the idea that security cams like this, that we can not see are out there, and are supplying a job of helping secure the livelihood of our country.


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