What is Sensibo ?

It is a unique system that makes any air conditioner smart, and what I mean by smart  is that instead of controlling the air conditioner with the basic remote control, you can now use your smartphone to do the task, but the most astonishing fact is that you can Attach Your Alexa or Google home and voice command it!

History of Sensibo

It was founded in November 2013 by Ran Roth & Omer Enbar. Omer had this idea originated in 2004 and he created a control system that allowed controlling his AC through email. It was done by connecting an IR to laptop which sent signals to the air conditioner whenever an email was sent that had titles “AC off” or “AC on”.

During 2013, Omer Enbar and Ran Roth deployed several prototypes to their friends and family then they later proceeded to establish the Company, but now let’s go deep on why it became so popular

Why it is so popular?

We may know the answer already. The main reason is that it makes your life more comfortable like any automation system, but most people have other opinions, cause as we see Sensibo don’t just make us feel comfortable, it saves money by turning off the A/C when you leave home and that leads to 40% save of power. And now let’s go to technical stuff and understand how this system works!

Let’s Go Technical

Sensibo Spec.

It is powered by two microprocessors. The main MCU is Texas Instrument CC2538 that has a low power RF set with 6LoWPAN procedure on top that runs an 802.15.4. The derivative MCU is Texas Instruments CC2541 that supports iBeacon and runs the Bluetooth.

It uses two powerful CR123A batteries and has 6 small strong infrared emitters that point at all the directions in the room. This makes it easy to place the device on your A/C and it just works.

How the device works

Air Conditioners have an Infrared receiver and the remote control acts as the transmitter. Sensibo takes advantage of this fact. It has an array of IR transmitters which feed IR codes to the AC IR receiver also it has has a low power bluetooth module.

Using of the application

All you need to get to know how to use the Mobile Application is just follow the given steps :

  1. Download The application
  2. Power up the Device
  3. Scan The QR Code in the back of your device by your mobile
  4. Automatically, the app creates an account and attaches Link the device with the account.

Main Features

  • It is Remote control, as you can control the air conditioner from any place by using the app, from the other room or from work. Now there is No more looking for the remote control
  • 7-day scheduling as it gives you an option to schedule as you prefer. It can cool down your home before you return from work; turn on heat mode in the morning as you wake up and whenever not needed switch off AC.
  • Turns on AC automatically before your arrival, welcoming you to a cool and comfortable environment.
  • Turns off AC when everybody leaves as it automatically detects when everybody  is out of the house using the phone’s geo-location
  • Filter cleaning reminders & alerts are sent by calculating the intake of airflow by the AC. The main purpose of cleaning filters is to save AC energy costs.
  • Monitor temperature & humidity as it has humidity and temperature sensor that you can control from anywhere. You can prepare you home even before you reach by setting up right humidity for your family.  

Is it affordable ?

Depending on how much device do you want as the Company provides you with 4 plans

  1. The first one and it is a “single kit “ where you can have your device by 119$ rather than 149$
  2. the second choice will be “starter kit “ and it composed of two devices, The kit costs 238$ rather than 298$
  3. The best plan from my point of view is the “Home kit “ as it supplies you with 3 devices with 7-day free shipping and all that with only 297$ rather than 447$
  4. and the Most expensive choice is The “ Family Kit “ that gives you 4 devices with 7-day free shipping for 396$ rather than 596$


So it is Efficient, Cheap, and saves power and works easily with a lot of the consumers, in fact according to reviews it is the best in the market nowadays.

With its extensions and plugins in IFTTT and also their own API it can do amazing things you can’t even imagine it, in fact  once you buy the device You will get a micro SB power adapter, and comes with a universal connector that will fit exclusively for the country you are living in. They make your life more easy and comfortable and support any air conditioner or heat pump with a remote control, it is well-suited for every country with uneven voltage supply as well. The installation is easy and takes less than a minute. What are you waiting for, go and get a one!


March 2018